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Mental Health Moves to the Forefront of School Safety Concerns: KOAM television station in Missouri produced a thorough story about the Carl Junction, Missouri community’s growing mental health needs. The four states area school board and school leaders are engaged in thoughtful discussions about student safety. Reporter Lisa Olliges clearly understands this issue and importance of “Mental Health for All” and The Brzycki Group & The Center for the Self in School’s professional development approach.


Mental Health for All Initiative Helps Prevent School Violence: Mental Health through Schooling experts introduce new toolkit for schools to improve students’ mental health and well-being: #NEVERAGAIN


Learning and the Brain, New Hampshire Department of Education, University of New England, WPSU/NPR interview:

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Silence is Deafening on Children’s Mental Health, March 1, 2018

Link to article on Centre Daily Times:


New Study: Students need self-knowledge to be successful in college and life – Press Release on 7/28/2016

Faculty Members Must Play a Role in Student Mental Health

Better Balance Needed in Schools: Shift Focus to Well-being

Meeting the 21st Century Well-being Needs of Students: Parts 1 and 2

New Hampshire can do better at creating a 21st century education system

19th Century education model not what 21st century students need:

Preventing Mental Illness: Learning about the self is the number one protective factor:

What we can do now to prevent violence through schooling:

Why standardized testing and our current education model keeps us stuck in the 19th century:

New Research Finds Self-knowledge is the Number One Protective Factor for Children’s Health

Dr. Henry G. Brzycki is author of many research papers, articles and books. He is available to write white papers, position papers, and policy papers upon request. Dr. Brzycki intent is to publish high quality, well researched, scholarly books, briefs, white papers, articles and papers that positively impact the psychological and physical health and well-being of children, adolescents, young adults and adults of all ages. Our vision is to focus attention on acute issues and concerns so troubling in modern times, including: happiness, flourishing, obesity, bullying, personalized learning, positive psychology, gun violence, mental health, socio-emotional health, the culture of violence in society, socio-emotional health of children in schools and families, and empowering people to see and achieve their own unique potentials in life, personally and professionally.