Parents and Children

Human Development Clinic

The Human Development Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic providing services to adolescents, young adults, adults, couples and families in transition. The Clinic addresses concerns regarding education, behavior, psychological, physical, and emotional well-being, development and achieving full potential in life. We serve a broad range of clients that em power well-being and manifesting full and unique potentials in life, in school, in relationships, in work, and in personal well-being.

We conduct educational and psychological assessments, recommend appropriate interventions and possible professional resources. In addition we coordinate care services by serving as a resource to parents, schools, agencies, and the clinical evaluation team.

The Champions Program
K-16 educators may be interested in learning about our program for young people, age 9 to 18, and their families. Participants become champions in their day-to-day family life, social activities, and academic achievement. We have many program formats and lengths available to fit your child’s particular needs.

Self Across the Curriculum
Brzycki Group’s program for teachers and professionals, Self Across the Curriculum, is taught in workshop formats, as well as on a consulting basis. Participants – teachers, K-16 educators, administrators, policy-maker, counselors, psychologists, and professionals in related fields – enhance their ability to make a lasting difference with young people.

The Vision Course - The Vision Course Registration
Brzycki Group offers adults an opportunity to take their own version of The Champions Program. It is called The Vision Course. Participants renew their dreams, break through limited thinking, communicate their vision to others, establish structures of support, and empower their relationships. The Vision Course opens a new world of possibilities for success, fulfillment, contribution, and greatness. Please contact Henry and Elaine for more information on The Vision Course.

The College Counseling Program
The College Counseling Program is for adolescents and young adults who want to gain acceptance into colleges that best support their unique vision for a great life. The College Counseling Program helps families to get the maximum return on their college investment and young adults to get the most out of their college experience.