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Discover your purpose, acquire mental health and well-being

competencies, and develop your unique potential.

All courses and programs offered by The Brzycki Group and the Center for the Self in Schools are:

  • Grounded in positive psychology, educational psychology, and human development research.

  • Personalized based on your own issues and concerns.

  • Available in a unique one-on-one format, as well as for small groups.

  • Delivered virtually or in-person.

Purpose and Possibilities for Individuals


Purpose and Possibilities is essential for living a happy, health, flourishing life! This course is for you if you want to:

  • Know how to see and achieve your unique potentials in life.

  • Learn how to heal from past traumas, how to transition to a new stage in life, and how to tap into your innate passion for making your unique difference in the world.

  • Access to new possibilities heretofore unavailable to you—to make a difference.

  • See and feel the power of your dreams.

  • Want to live the life you were meant to live. 

Format: (8) 2-hour sessions

Participants: Individuals/Adults

Group Size:1 to 8 people
Locations: Virtual; at The Brzycki Group; or a location convenient for you
Cost: Please inquire

Those who are serious about understanding themselves, infusing meaning into life, improving their health and well-being, becoming more mindful and present to the everyday experiences in life, and creating a better world will benefit greatly from the evidence-based work. Living a successful and satisfying life requires well-being; therefore, we need to understand what well-being is. Well-being is not simply the absence of mental or physical illness. Rather, it is the more positive connotation of how well your life is going. Well-being encompasses emotional health, vitality, and satisfaction; life direction; ability to make a difference; the quality of one’s relationships; and living a good life to that of your own potential.


In this course the psychology of well-being includes understanding purpose and meaning in life, developing a sense of belonging, taking care of physical needs, understanding intellectual strengths and unique capabilities, understanding the dimensions of well-being to support your lifestyle choices, and developing the ability to feel a full range of emotions including resentments and regrets, anger and sadness, and happiness and joy.

From a past Purpose and Possibilities participant: 

“I cannot recommend Henry’s work enough. Henry is a visionary and a natural born teacher and counselor. His standards of excellence far exceed what most of us can conceive. His commitment, compassion and love for humankind are inspirational. The results produced always exceeded my expectations. With his commitment, creativity, resourcefulness and dedication he has taught me to transform the quality of my life through shifting my old paradigm of thinking to one of possibility on both a personal and professional level. There is no other place in this universe that provides you with an opportunity to reinvent yourself on an on-going basis.”

Consultation for Individuals


From time to time when making transitions in life, we need to take some time for ourselves in order to put into the most effective context or perspective possible, the issues and concerns that are showing up as obstacles, limitations, or restrictions. These issues and concerns can dramatically impact our ability to see and achieve what is possible for ourselves and our relationships, professional life, business organizations, family, and children.  The Consultation Service is for you if you want to open up a new possibility that heretofore was unavailable to you. Participants pay a onetime retainer fee depending upon the nature and substance of needs. After an initial assessment session, a recommendation is made for the length of your personalized program. We conduct educational and psychological assessments, recommend appropriate interventions and possible other professional resources. 

Format: (5), (10) or (20) 2-hour sessions

Participants: Individuals/Adults

Group Size: 1 to 8 people
Locations: Virtual; at The Brzycki Group; or a location convenient for you
Cost: $180/hour

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