The Center for The Self in Schools

jumping-400x294Our most recent outreach initiative is The Center for the Self in the Schools. The Center for the Self in Schools provides counseling, consulting, and educational programs for important psycho-social and socio-emotional transitions in the lives of children, adolescents, parents, and educators

The Center’s mission is to impact the psychological, socioemotional, and physical well-being of K–16 students through outreach programs, professional development, self-knowledge curricula, antibullying programs, freshman seminars, and high-impact student advising assessments using strengths-based counseling methods.


The Center for the Self in Schools provides programs and professional development on the Integrated Self Model (iSelf); Self Across the Curriculum (SAC); Success Predictor; Strategic Partnerships with public schools, colleges and universities, health care providers, foundations and state departments of education. Examples of our work include: freshman seminar programs and curricula, well-being model for clinicians in medical practice, self-directed well-being plans, among others. We typically provide professional development to teachers, counselors, administrators, health care providers, psychologists, and parents.

Self Across the Curriculum
Brzycki Group’s program for K-16 teachers and school counseling professionals, Self Across the Curriculum, is taught in workshop formats, as well as on a consulting basis. Participants – teachers, K-16 educators, administrators, policy-makers, counselors, psychologists, and professionals in related fields – enhance their ability to make a lasting difference with young people. The SAC is an integrated curriculum that integrates mental health, socio-emotional well-being through academic curriculum to address the whole child well-being needs to be happy, healthy, and flourishing to the level of their unique potential. SAC is used to personalize lessons to engage students more deeply in their studies which increases student engagement and retention metrics. SAC can be used in Freshman Seminars over a year, a semester, or periodically by trained teachers and counselors. SAC is offered in a modular format where teachers and counselors are trained in each module. Modules can be customized to meet specific school or school district needs unique to their culture, community, or critical issues.

The Integrated Self (iSelf) Model

The iSelf model is used in clinical practice as a prevention, intervention and assessment tool into the psychological, emotional, physical – whole person – well-being needs. This model is a researched, evidence based model that is copyrighted and can be used with permission and training. The Integrated Self or iSelf model emerges from the interaction of current scientific information about the direct influence by emotions, both positive and negative, upon cognitive functioning. These emotions, in turn, are based upon personal relevancy and meaningfulness and are the controlling switch by which effective learning takes place or not. A positive emotional approach facilitates a sense of wellbeing that, in turn, enhances a willingness to learn.

The Success Predictor

The Success Predictor is a highly effective tool used by college, career, professional development and psychological counselors to help people of all ages, developmental stages and levels, and walks of life guide them toward their highest expressions of what is possible for them. It is used to assess, diagnose, and intervene into the mind-set of people who want to see and achieve their full and unique potentials life – empowering them to succeed and manifest their full and unique potentials!

The Success Predictor is typically used to: determine internal motivations to succeed, understand reference points of capabilities, diagnose internal states of well-being, formulate career aspirations, determine professional acumen, understand academic program interests, guide college selection and fit, guide life and career directions, understand personal paradigms of reality, guide interventions, among others. The Success Predictor is used to help guide you from making a transformation from the person you think you are supposed to be, to that which you know you are meant to be.