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StudentSuccess_frontCover (1)Student Success in Higher Education: Developing the Whole Person through High Impact Practices provides front-line educators with a new student success model based on the latest research in the psychology of well-being and student-centered learning. This model integrates five critical student success functional areas—academic advising, career services, counseling and psychological services, faculty teaching, and student engagement—and helps colleges and universities develop psychologically healthy and self-aware students as a part of their educational mission.

Drawing upon over 30 years of professional experiences as higher education leaders, teachers, and counselors, the authors have developed the Integrated Student Success Model (iSuccess), a visionary and comprehensive approach to student success through well-being and self-knowledge. The model provides three research-based, high-impact practices that empower students to create their own pathways to success in college and in life:

  • Integrated Self Model (iSelf) – a framework to understand the whole person through self-system and positive psychology attributes
  • Self Across the Curriculum (SAC) – a pedagogy to teach self-knowledge through curricula
  • Success Predictor (SP) – a student success assessment instrument and intervention tool

When the self becomes the lens through which students learn, students can balance cognitive with non-cognitive factors to become happy and whole people who are equipped to create a positive life and make contributions toward a better society.