Health & Well-Being Professionals

Human Development Clinic

The Human Development Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic providing services to adolescents, young adults, adults, couples and families in transition. The Clinic addresses concerns regarding education, behavior, and psychological, physical, and emotional well-being, development and achieving full potential in life. We serve a broad range of clients that empower well-being and manifesting full and unique potentials in life, in school, in relationships, in work, and in personal well-being.

Through the Clinic, we formulate personalized well-being plans. The focus of a personalized well-being plan is on each person’s needs across all domains: social, emotional, physical, and psychological. A personalized well-being plan teaches people the importance of understanding their own hopes and dreams in life, to enable them academically, professionally, and socially to become the types of people they aspire to be with all the self-attributions they have and would like to develop.

We conduct educational and psychological assessments, recommend appropriate interventions and possible professional resources. In addition we coordinate care services by serving as a resource to parents, schools, agencies, and the clinical evaluation team.

The Center for The Self in the Schools
The mission of The Center for The Self in the Schools, is to impact the psychological well-being of K-16 students through outreach programs, professional development, self-knowledge curricula, anti-bullying programs, and student advising assessments using Strengths Based Counseling methods.

The Integrated Self (iSelf) Model

The iSelf model is used in clinical practice as a prevention, intervention and assessment tool into the psychological, emotional, physical – whole person – well-being needs. This model is a researched, evidence based model that is copyrighted and can be used with permission and training. The Integrated Self or iSelf model emerges from the interaction of current scientific information about the direct influence by emotions, both positive and negative, upon cognitive functioning. These emotions, in turn, are based upon personal relevancy and meaningfulness and are the controlling switch by which effective learning takes place or not. A positive emotional approach facilitates a sense of wellbeing that, in turn, enhances a willingness to learn.


Health and Well-Being Seminars and Workshops

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