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Psychology of Well-being/Well-being outcomes from Schools

The Brzycki Group (BG) is a human development and learning organization. BG empowers people to realize their dreams and to give them the tools in life to create, design and manifest their own unique potential. We are a well-respected international educational consulting company whose long-term success has been built on these guiding principles: trust, integrity, and service. For over thiry years we have provided expert counsel and advice to those special people who want to know and manifest their own unique potentials in life. Our work is based upon the latest research in human development, educational psychology, and educational philosophy.

Henry BrzyckiHenry G. Brzycki, Ph.D. has more than 30 years of experience providing leadership to the fields of education and psychology. Dr. Brzycki challenges scholars and practitioners to expand their boundaries of understanding in order to impact the quality of children’s lives. Dr. Brzycki founded The Brzycki Group, where his innovative counseling and psychoeducational programs pioneered positive psychology and strengths-based counseling methods. Dr. Brzycki consults to schools, colleges, foundations, and policy makers on how to realize the potential of people. Most recently he founded The Center for the Self in the Schools. The Center’s mission is to impact the psychological, socioemotional, and physical well-being of K–16 students through outreach programs, professional development, self-knowledge curricula, antibullying programs, and high-impact student advising assessments using strengths-based counseling methods.

Dr. Brzycki has distinguished academic and scholarly career, having earned his PhD from The Pennsylvania State University, his MA from Tufts University, and his BS from Babson College. Dr. Brzycki has served as a core faculty member in the teacher education program at Franklin Pierce University, and earned the Teacher of the Year Award at Clarion University. He also taught at The Pennsylvania State University. As Dean of the School of Education at American Public University, he transformed teacher and counselor education programs to reflect a visionary 21st century model of education.

Dr. Brzycki has provided leadership to the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the American Educational Research Association (AERA), where he has been invited to present his research on numerous occasions. As a researcher and author, Dr. Brzycki has published highly regarded research in peer-reviewed journals and an educational psychology textbook representing future directions in applying psychology to educational contexts. Dr. Brzycki served the U.S. Department of Education as a consultant on personalized learning methods and emerging 21st-century teaching and learning models.

Dr. Brzycki’s two best selling books capture his insights and experiences as a counselor, teacher, and thought leader, and offers a breakthrough model for transforming people’s lives, teaching and learning best practices, and our society: Student Success in Higher Education: Developing the Whole Person through High-Impact PracticesThe Self in Schooling: Theory and Practice—How to Create Happy, Healthy, Flourishing Children in the 21st Century represents learning from his clinical experiences and scholarly research. This book provides teachers, school leaders, policy makers, and school and health psychologists with a comprehensive framework for psychological well-being and 21st-century teaching and learning, fulfilling a growing need for both scholars and practitioners alike.

Elaine J. Brzycki is Co-Founder of BG and currently serves on the Board where she strategically guides the future of BG services. Elaine is Co-Director of The Center for The Self actively providing outreach initiatives. Elaine graduated from Wellesley College as aWellesley Scholar and attended Oxford University in England. Elaine developed many of BG’s leading programs while earning her Ed.M. at the Harvard University Graduate School of Education. She has over twenty-five years of experience as a counselor and a higher education administrator. She is committed to empowering young people’s self-expression and greatnessElaine is co-author of a new book: Student Success in Higher Education due in 2016.

Karen Kugel, Ed.M., CSCS, is director of Youth College Connections, a Massachusetts-based business partner of Brzycki Consulting Group. Karen has 20 years of experience in training, management, marketing research and consulting. Karen is a Beirne Memorial Foundation Scholar and holds a masters’ degree in human development from Harvard Graduate School of Education. She graduated with honors in psychology (focus in counseling and urban studies) from RutgersUniversity. She is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and the National Association of Admissions Counseling (NACAC).

BG calls upon contextual learning, which means enabling people to learn through experience the context they want to create for themselves, their lives, their futures, unlimited by past psychological assumptions, cultural backgrounds, family histories, or any self-imposed limitations. Positive psychology also informs our educational strategies, which emphasize and build upon individual strengths.